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About Team Vanazure

I am sure you would agree that joining a rock solid Global company is half of the success you need, the other half to success is making sure you are joining the right team with the support, dedication and years of experience to help you succeed.

I have partnered with Dani & Steve Smith “Blue Diamonds” in Talk Fusion. Their skill set, experience in the industry and their in-depth lead generation training is the best there is. If you are joining with me, you will also have direct access to their in-depth trainings.

Dani Smith

12 year’s experience in lead generation, PR, Coaching, dsand 8 years within the MLM Industry.

My experience and skill set will go towards making sure you have the support and the tools needed to help you succeed.

Steve Smith

With over 28 years in the MLM industry,
dsI have headed up teams in excess of 200,000, with in-depth knowledge of team building into 20 countries. An expert in lead generation and the ability to guide new members to success.

As a team we have excellent skill sets that will go towards your success, with webinars, team meetings and conferences calls, our aim is to offer you
the one on one support, that we know you deserve.

The Opportunity….Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion is a 9 year old successful “World Leader” in the field of Video & Business communication.

Its founder and CEO is Bob Reina, a visionary in the field of Bob Reina Direct Sales, and is recognised in bringing to the MLM industry the first “Instant Pay” paying out to its members their commission within 3 minutes. Imagine being paid within 3 minutes of a sale taking place.

Talk Fusion is a proud member of the DSA and have been awarded some of the highest awards within its field of excellence. The Talk Fusion homebased opportunity is regarded as one of the very best within the MLM industry.

The Products…Ground Breaking

Video Email, Video Newsletters, Sign-up Forms, Video Chat, and Live Meetings

They offer businesses the ultimate in business communications. While any business can use these ground breaking communication tools, the products for personal use is expanding at a rapid rate.

Compensation Plan….The best there is

This Global Opportunity is and was the first company within the Industry
to offers its members “Instant Commissions

The Talk Fusion compensation plan will reward you in 5 ways.

Fast Start Bonus, Team Commissions, Mega Matching Bonus,
Leadership pool, Customer pool

With Talk Fusion's “Instant Pay Compensation Plan.” Other companies make you wait weeks or a month to get paid, Talk Fusion is the only company that pays their 3 Minute Clockassociates instantly.

Here’s the best part, when an associate makes a sale, or earns a commission, their earnings are loaded onto their very own branded Visa Credit Card within three minutes. You can also have it deposited into your personal checking or savings account as well.

Major Incentives


How would you like to be driving a TOP of the range Mercedes? New-Mercedes-Benz-C-Class-Saloon-4dr
The Talk Fusion Opportunity has the very BEST car program in the Industry.

105 Talk Fusion members have already benefited and are driving their own Mercedes courtesy of Talk Fusion.


Twice a year you will have the opportunity for a ALL expenses Dream Getaway, Hawaii Polaroids x3
a sensational 5 day, 4 night Hawaiian vacation to reward qualifying Members for their dedicated work and job well done.

Held at the beautiful Grand Wailea Resort in Maui, members from all over the world network together as they enjoy paradise on wind-swept beaches under the island sun.

Dubai, Milan and many more exotic locations are being added all the time to reward Talk Fusion members.

Where can you build & share your Talk Fusion business….Globally

Talk Fusion is currently operating in 140 countries, mapits 2nd wave of global expansion will enable you to build into 193 countries.

It offers you a true global homebased business opportunity. With NO physical products to ship, NO pills or potions to store, it is a true digital online homebased business.

Talk Fusion are about to start their next wave of global expansion and we “Team Vanazure”, one of the leading teams within Talk Fusion, are set to lead this expansion by putting together a global team, and YOU have the opportunity to secure a TOP position, to be in at the start.

Two Sections of your Talk Fusion Business

There are two sections of the business, that you can build
Team Building and offering the cutting edge products to Businesses.

Team Building….using a “proven system” peopleof sharing your Talk Fusion business opportunity with others around the world. Sharing the Talk Fusion opportunity with others is the fastest way to a 6-7 figure monthly income. In our Team Vanazure support system we have advanced methods of lead generation, using social media, sales pages, and many other methods.

183 Million Businesses….Globally

It is estimated there are 183 Million businessesbig-small-business globally, and every one of them could use and benefit from the impressive range Talk Fusions business communication products.

You can share your Talk Fusion products with ANY business into 193 countries, with a global market place you will have no shortage of businesses to approach.

30 Day FREE trial

A unique feature that Talk Fusion offers is a 30 day FREE trial for any business that would like to try the full range of Talk Fusion communication products. The Talk Fusion 30 day FREE trial is an excellent method to introduce the products to ANY business, the “try it before you buy it” is proving very popular with all businesses.

Training, Support & One on One mentoring  gold-gears

The corner stone to Talk Fusion success has and remains its excellent training and support, with videos, webinars, self-replicated websites, live real time reporting back office, it offers everything you will need for success.

Team Vanazure has gone one step further to ensure you have the very best in support & training. You will have access to in-depth training modules covering ALL aspects of lead generation, tips advice, banners, email swipes, promo videos.

With webinars, one on one support, coaching and mentoring, this will ensure if followed will help build you a solid global Talk Fusion business. With Talk Fusion's training & support coupled with Team Vanazure's in-depth lead generation modules it offers YOU and your team the very best in support.

Top Position

YOU have the opportunity TODAY to secure TOP position in a NEW global team, the sooner you join, the more people you will have under you. Everyone joining will be under YOU as part of your team. You want these new members UNDER you as part of YOUR team…NOT above you

Everyone joining after you will contribute to your commissions. NOW is the time to secure a TOP position and make 2017 a year to remember.

If you would like to join Team Vanazure click on the Join Now button below to see the full opportunity and follow these simple instructions to secure your TOP position.

Why Talk Fusion?

  • A company, that has an 9 year proven track record
  • A company, that pays your commissions within 3 minutes
  • An Opportunity, that is 100% online from home
  • Offers a Mercedes Car Program and Hawaii Vacation
  • One of the Highest paying compensation plan
  • 5 Income Streams
  • Cutting edge online products
  • An Opportunity, where you carry No Stock, No Shipping products
  • Proven in-depth training & support program
  • An Opportunity, that you can build into 193 countries

To join Team Vanazure follow these instructions

  1. Click on the Join Now
  2. Click the JOIN tab
  3. Tick the button: Talk Fusion Independent Associate: I want to earn extra income sharing Talk Fusion’s all-in-one Video Marketing Solution.
  4. Select your Monthly Plan (you must choose one of the 3 shown)
  5. Click the NEXT button
  6. Choose and select Your Business Builder Package (you must choose one of the 4 shown)
  7. Click the NEXT button
  8. Fill in all the relevant details and tick the little box and click the NEXT button

We will receive confirmation that you have joined Team Vanazure and we will then be in touch to welcome you and start working together on a plan of action.

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